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Meet Dacia

Prophetess Dacia Carter, a native of Tampa, FL and a graduate of Howard W. Blake High School, has always had an insatiable passion for the arts. What began as a simple interest in cheerleading eventually catapulted her into many other genres. As a cheerleader for over 13 years, she trained under the direction of a few NFL alumni, performed at halftime shows with the Tampa Bay Storm Cheerleaders, and participated in a flash mob with the Bay Area Mobbers. Dacia then attained formal training in ballet, jazz, lyrical, liturgical, African and prophetic dance. And, during her high school studies, she majored in musical theater and performed in several productions such as Ragtime.  

 In September 2015, she graduated from L.I.F.T (Ladies Influencing their Future Today) under the mentorship of Layesha Walton. She was commissioned into the office of the Prophet May 2019. She graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University May of 2021. Her mission has fully taken off since then. She has produced and choreographed several theatrical productions. She served as the Creative Fine Arts Director at the Center for Manifestation for 8 years under the leadership of Apostle Mark T. Jones Sr. She also served as the Tampa director for 13:46 Dance Ensemble for 7 years before transitioning to a Pearl Ambassador May 2023. Although Dacia utilizes her influence heavily in media, arts and entertainment spheres, Dacia is now fully walking in her prophetic office that God has commissioned her to by equipping and cultivating prophets & intercessors. On July 8, 2023 she birthed a unique ministry called The Porch and The Altar, which is a gathering of intercessors to contend, and intercede for the blueprints of heaven and the will of God to be executed in the earth. The Porch and The Altar has been commissioned to repair the altars of covenant through intercession.

Nonetheless, this is all just the beginning of a profound work that God is doing through her. And, just as her favorite scripture says, God certainly has great plans for her beyond this (Jeremiah 29:11). Ultimately her mission is to advance the Kingdom of God and reconcile others back to Christ  with the influence God has blessed her with.

In addition to being a servant to God's people she is a servant first, to her 2 beautiful girls.


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